Northeast City of Natal is Investment Property Hub of Activity

Nowadays in the media we keep hearing about the potential of Brazil property in terms of both enjoyment and lifestyle benefits as well as financial.

Of course it is a few exact locations that offer the most potential as is the case with many emerging foreign real estate markets.

The city of Natal

Natal is the capital city of Rio Grande do Norte, a north eastern state in Brazil and lies on the Atlantic Ocean, at the mouth of the Potengi river, natal and the surrounding areas in our opinion is one of these exact destinations that offer the most promise.

Located in the top corner of South America, Natal is an beautiful and pleasant city, with a tropical climate, recognized as the city with the purest air of America and nick named city of the sun.

Some of the main investment points include

  • 100s of miles of quintessential white sandy beaches including beautiful lagoons and coves
  • The nearest
  • Tropical climate with average temperatures of 27ºC
  • As mentioned earlier natal has the cleanest air in the world according to NASA
  • Natal has been quoted as being the safest city in Brazil
  • Natal is a hub of tourist activity
  • The city with most foreign investments in Brazil
  • Natal has the cheapest and shortest flights from UK and the rest of Europe.
  • The actual city of Natal is a cosmopolitan hub of activity with an up market city life

As you can see Natal has a lot of attractions that are helping establish it as a Brazil investment property hotspot.

Why Invest in Natal

A few years back the main tourist destinations were Rio de Janerio and the more famous destinations like Iguassu falls.

These tourist destinations attracted many tourists and still do, but the price of the holiday package (flight + hotel) from Europe can be very expensive for some people, even though the cost of living prices like food, dining out and entertainment are still quite affordable .

Suddenly, a Natal emerged as a new destination at the travel agencies, Natal, with much more
economical prices for tourists, flights 4 hours shorter and consuming prices much lower than in the rest of destinations.

As a result the infrastructure around Natal over the last few years as undergone huge growth and still is

A huge new airport is being built in the city of São Gonçalo, about 30 km from Natal. When complete it will be the second largest airport in Brazil and the 5th largest in the world and being both a cargo and passenger airport it will definitely have a very positive effect on the growth of tourism and international trade.

The North East is a year round paradise for people in search of perfect beaches, equally perfect weather and dramatic landscapes, all seasoned with a large dose of culture, history and folklore.

Natal is the perfect place to live grand and unforgettable adventures choosing between amazing coastlines and the most exciting natural beauty.

The sun, sea, and sand combined with amazing local cuisine plus an array of leisure and entertainment and a pleasant and hospitable people makes Natal irresistible.

In recent years, Natal Property has become a fantastic investment option in the real estate sector. The average property value increases up to 20% or more a year.

We hope this small article has helped highlight the potential Natal has for property investment and give you food for thought.


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