Cape Verde Property Investment

Cape Verde property investment is now starting to boom.

Cape Verde is an emerging market with massive potential thanks to the tropical climate, beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear warm waters, spectacular mountain landscapes, low cost of living, low property prices and world-class resorts being developed.  


Second home & holiday home buyers as well as international property investors are now heading to these fantastic islands for a multitude of reasons.

Financial & Economical

Huge growth tourist industry:  The National Statistics Institute (INE) says that around 250,000 tourists arrived in 2006 – a 25% increase over 2005. Seventy percent of tourists visited Sal and 15% Santiago. INE estimates that tourist arrivals will increase by 22% during 2007 and forecasts around 1m tourists annually by 2015. It also predicts that the number of cruise ships visiting the islands will increase from 30 in 2006 to as many as 70 this year, further putting the destination on the tourist trail.

Huge government investment: The Cape Verde government identified the growth tourism as a strategy for sustainable economic growth.

The Government implementing a number of programmes through The NDP (National Development Plan 2001 – 2005) to develop and improve the infrastructure of the Islands.

The NDP covers areas such as transportation (air, maritime, inter-island and road transportation), communications, banking, and health provisions. A major new airport, new roads, water desalination plants, and improved electricity have already been implemented.

Tourism development: The infrastructure development and increased awareness mean that the islands are becoming increasing popular with holiday makers looking for a tropical holiday destination with our the very long flight times to say the Carribean and Thailand.

As soon as Cape Verde becomes a mainstream holiday destination the price of property here will almost certainly increase drastically. Source: Property Investor News.

Low property prices: Cape Verde remains much cheaper than many Mediterranean places, and offers the opportunity to get in ‘on the ground’ of a soon to be booming tourist destination.

High Capital Growth: 30% increase per year in property values predicted.

High Rental Value: Fantastic climate and sunshine for most of the 365 days of the year as well as booming tourism industry equals a strong possibility of year round rental income.

Nearest Tropical Islands to Europe: Around 4 hours closer than the Caribbean islands with direct flights of only 5.5 hrs from the UK with no Jet-lag.

Low cost of living and affordable holidays: Low cost Airlines’ offer affordable regular flights from the UK and other European countries. The prices of everyday consumer goods are a fraction of the price in the UK.

Early Stages of Development: The property investment market is still relatively young, the predicted tourism and demand of quality accommodation mean that now is an ideal time to invest in Cape Verde.

Currency: Exchange rate value of local currency is fixed to the Euro

Strong possibility of inclusion in the European Union: Cape Verde is looking for a closer partnership with the EU and a public debate on this issue is currently underway.

Political Stability: Politics of Cape Verde takes place in a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic republic, whereby the Prime Minister of Cape Verde is the head of government, and of a pluriform multi-party system. Supportive of foreign direct investment and absence of any ethnic or religious conflict; absence of any political violence.

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Natural Attractions

Closest Tropical islands to Europe.

Sunshine for most of the 365 days of the year.

Beautiful beaches, exotic tropical plantations and breathtaking mountains.

Tropical Climate: year-long sunshine, average temperatures range from 24°C (75°F) in January and February to 29°C (85°F) in September.

The culture of Cape Verde reflects its mixed African and Portuguese roots with Brazilian and Latino flavours, music, dance and exotic cuisine, and very friendly people.

Privileged Geographical Location: on the equator and central to America, Europe and of course Africa, the islands are accessible to all 3 contents.

Also unlike some of the Caribbean islands the Cape Verde is unlikely to experience hurricanes.

Superb Holiday Destination: tipped as the next big holiday destination for 2008, you can enjoy a number of water sports including Sailing, Surfing (wind & Kite), scuba diving, and deep sea fishing. Other great activities include golf, nightlife, fine dining, and of course relaxing on the beach or sightseeing and exploring the islands.

In summary the pristine environment, including beautiful white sandy beaches, breathtaking landscapes, exotic plant life, and clear warm waters.

As well as the massive tourism growth and political stability and encouragement Cape Verde property investment really does deserve your attention.

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